“RYB is the epitome of puzzle-centric game design. 10/10.”- G4

RYB is a logic puzzle game full of beautiful, minimalist puzzles. Each level has a logical, unique solution. Can you find it?


  •  “Given just how many options there are in the genre, minimalist puzzle games really need to be spectacular to stand out from the crowd. RYB does this with ease.” – Pixelkin.org
  •  “RYB is a title that anyone looking for a puzzle game should look into as its gameplay is extremely entertaining and relaxing.” – Cubed3.com
  •  “Through its visual learning and satisfying challenge, RYB stands out as a must-play puzzler for players looking for a game where logic and learning ensures success over trial and error.” – Indie Game Enthusiast

Accolades and Awards:

  •  Scored a perfect 10/10 from G4
  •  Official PAXEast Indie Megabooth Selection
  •  Named as a “Stand Out Indie of PAXEast” by Game Informer
  •  Named one of the “5 Fantastic Indie Puzzle Games from PAX East” by Indie Hangover
  •  “Best New Developer” – Boston Festival of Indie Games

RYB is available on iOS and PC

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Also available on iOS