Puzzle Design Services

When you hire FLEB, you hire a team of puzzle experts. Here are some of the ways we can help your puzzle project succeed.


A screenshot of a puzzle from one of our games.

Puzzle Design and Consulting

From a single puzzle to a full suite, FLEB excels at creating unique puzzles. We believe in designing for each project individually, starting with your input and producing puzzle sets to complement your ideas and achieve your goals.


This video game puzzle requires patience.

Testers had a lot of fun with this one.

Puzzle Testing

If you have an established set of puzzles, FLEB can help you make sure your puzzles are appropriate for your audience. By utilizing our network of puzzle solvers, we can ensure that your puzzles have the right difficulty, depth, and solve-feel for the people you want to reach.

Send us an email: fleb@flebpuzzles.com


Try out this Starbattle logic puzzle.

Each column, row, and outlined region will have two stars.

Stars cannot touch, even diagonally.